My 10-Minute Beauty Routine


We’re excited to launch a new beauty series to take a quick dive into women’s makeup routines for days that require just a little more, but not too much, effort to make an impact.

Beauty has never been my thing. Most days I prefer to keep it make-up free with only moisturizer and a cap to hide from people as much as possible. Other days, I skirt by with this simple process and a few affordable products (the foundation is only $6) to get me out of the door.

The best product I’ve discovered has been Ashley Sievert’s bronzing powder which I use to lightly contour. This adds just a little extra definition without the heaviness. And, while it’s not pictured my all-time beauty indulgence is getting eyelash extensions. Find someone who gets you in this department and you probably can get out the door even faster! — Juley

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